As a child, I was always jumping, running and pedalling around while dressed in Petit Bateau.

We've always been strong advocates for this energy, joy and LIBERTY to move. So that children can grow and explore the world with boundless confidence and creativity.
We love our Petit Bateau clothing because it has so many stories to tell. We feel so strongly that we've even ended up giving clothes to those we love. This QUALITY proves our skill and our status as a manufacturer.
And we can pass the clothes on because we make them with DURABILITY in mind. Now, more than ever before, we want to invest in the circular economy. We're optimistically COMMITTED to a model that helps protect the environment and future generations alike.
I believe these are the best ways to keep moving forward to enable children to have carefree fun in the natural surroundings we must protect.
Liberty. Quality. Durability. Petit Bateau.

Guillaume Darrousez